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Filigrana & Pearl Bracelet

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Sweet water pearls, filigree metal work and cork charms simplistically strung together to create a beautiful wrist piece. A design that could only be that from Arlindo, this well thought out and extremely creative piece would be the perfect accessory for any type of occasion.

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Filigree is an ornamental work made of very fine yarns and tiny metal balls, welded in order to compose a design. The metal is usually gold or silver, but bronze and other metals are also used. Filigree has been used in jewellery since ancient Greco-Roman times, and is still used in a wide variety of decorative objects.

Currently, most filigree pieces can be found in the Northern Region of Portugal, often used in the traditional wedding dress as a whole, and also in the feminine dress of the Minho folkloric ranches.

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Metals Used Silver 925
Stones Used Sweet Water Pearls
Certified or Stamped Certified
Chain, Pendant size (cm) NA

arlindo at work

For Arlindo, the last 30 years has been a daily dedication to that which is made, that which is learned, that which is innovated, and that which is invested.

The art in Só-Ouro comes from afar. It comes from generations of working silver, gold and the inlaying of stones. It comes from the ritual teachings passed from father to son. It is bound with the stories of grandparents and wisdom of those who have knowledge.

Só-Ouro comes from the craftsman who has mastered his art...