What we do

At Foundarte we source and curate objects that represent the best of Portuguese tradition, to bring you timeless pieces of incredible quality and craftsmanship. The Artisans we work with are the best at their craft, perfecting an art that was passed on from generation to generation.

Slowly this tradition became endangered. The 60s witnessed villages migrating to the cities; and by the 90s, industrialization made mass production so popular that only the most resilient of artisans survived.
Today Portugal is again embracing and treasuring this old, rich and wonderful culture, soon enough to become a Unesco World Heritage Patrimony. 

Foundarte is at the centre of this change, championing for the survival of this art, promoting creative objects that are embedded with the very soul and heart of its artisans.

Helga Saraiva-Stewart

CEO and Founder of Foundarte, Helga was born in Angola´s capital Luanda but grew up in Mafra, a picturesque coastal region in the district of Lisbon, Portugal. Helga then spent her adult life in London, UK, a city she still considers home, having lived there for 25 years. 

In London, she graduated in Business Management, Corporate Finance, and built a career over 17 years working for the world´s largest and best providers of data, technology, and research to corporations and the financial sector.

She identified and onboarded new clients in different parts of the world; continuously shaping effective and innovative solutions that helped meet their goals. This allowed her to travel the world and embrace new cultures, something she still loves to do best.


Alan Saraiva-Stewart

CTO of Foundarte, and affectionately known as ´The Brain´, Alan is Scottish but moved to the Northeast of England when young. He grew up with an innate passion for technology, science, and archaeology and as an adult travelled the world, embracing new and different countries and cultures.


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