Foundarte Launch Party

Thursday May 3rd

Saw the magnificent official launch of Foundarte and it was welcomed well from both the local Portuguese and expat communities. Exclusive handmade jewellery collections, unique art installations, marquetry jewel cases and Burel wool were among some of the fabulous hand crafted items on display. Guests included...successful entrepreneurs and financiers, top hotel owners and managers,  journalists and influential magazine writers. The night was fantastic from beginning to end and all of us here at Foundarte wish to express our deepest thanks for your open and honest support.

What are we doing?

As a company Foundarte has been tirelessly developing and building relationships with local artisans, so that we can offer our customers an opportunity to own remarkable handmade products that are made with passion and artistic creativity. The life of an artisan is a challenging one, many of the production techniques that were once common place are now on the endangered list, a lack of funds and community investment means that once thriving areas of business have now diminished leaving only traces of cultural heritage behind.

Why are we doing it?

Our burden of responsibility seems to have shifted somewhat in recent years towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way of creating things, and here at Foundarte we are encouraging people to see this not as a burden of responsibility but as an opportunity to live life the way you want to; to be able to express yourself as an individual the way you want to; and above all else discover the cultural and artistic wonder of the world around us the way you want to!

Not gone, Not forgotten!

Portugal is historically known for many things and this nation of great explorers and artists has always been at the forefront of endeavour, pushing creative boundaries and punching well above it's weight. The artisans within its frontiers are gifted, strong, passionate and determined, they possess qualities that are modestly spoken about but are truly humbling. The Foundarte launch event was a fantastic way for us to introduce this hidden traditional community to the modern contemorary one. Of course these are the first steps in building the bridges between these communities and now that the foundations are laid we owe it to ourselves to ensure that the future we create can be shared and enjoyed by all.