After the cork pops...

Cork is one of the most recognizable products in Portugal, being part of our daily lives in so many ways that sometimes we don´t even notice it.

We are one of the worlds largest producers of cork and consequently, one of its biggest exporters. It’s widely known that cork is very versatile and can be used pretty muchanywhere, the imagination being the only limit, but did you know that apart from being a product 100% natural, it is also 100% re-usable and extracting it is 100% sustainable given that removing it from the tree doesn’t damage it at all?

Why Choose Cork?

Corks Profile is equally impressive! it's light, waterproof, an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator, extra malleable with slow combustion and… hypoallergenic!

With so much to give, this material is a clear favourite to some of our Artisans, so why not have a look at some of the stuff that can be done with it? Maybe you can try for yourself and enjoy the versatility and creativity that this product of ours provides.

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Did you know?

  • Cork-Oaks can reach 25 meters height and live for 300 years. 
  • The Montados (cork-oak forests) are used as barriers to fight forest fires due to the cork´s slow combustion. 
  • Wine corks are milled and re-used into new products such as shoe soles.
  • For each tonne of cork produced, cork-oaks clean 73 tonnes of carbon-dioxide. 
  • Its calculated that every year, cork-oak forests prevent 14 million tonnes of carbon-dioxide going into the atmosphere.

So, remember next time you open your best bottle of wine, that cork removed 250 grams CO2 from the greenhouse effect.